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PNC-12 Extreme

The KOIKE PNC12 EXTREME is an entry Level CNC cutting solution that is compact, affordable, versatile and simple to operate. It is suitable for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting of all metals.
The machine is compact design, light weight and easy to set up anywhere.


» Precision Linear guide ways & sturdy cross arm for stability and accuracy.

» Available in 3 models with effective cutting widths of 1.0 I 1.25 I 1.5 m.

» Full color 7" LCD display screen with 47 standard shapes Iibrary

» Program input by Manual data input or USB Thumb drive up to 16 GB memory.

» Compatible with most air plasma cutting systems, torch diameter of 35mm.

» Comes with Koike's 100 type cutting nozzles and CAD/CAM software.

» Optional plasma lnitial height sensor, Arc voltage contfol & Torch break away.


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PNC-10 Elite

Compact, Light weight and Easy to set up
The machine is compact design, light weight and easy to set up anywhere.

Hi precision and efficient cutting
The use of linear guide ways and capable CNC assures cutting is precise, efficient & production cost is kept low.

Three models are available
Transverse lengths of 1.50 / 1.75 / 2.0 m and Longitudinal lengths of 2.0 / 3.0m are available.

Oxy-Fuel and Plasma cutting.
The cutting process for oxy fuel gas cutting or plasma cutting is available as well.

Multiple functions.
CNC supports motion of pause, forward / backward movements, speed control, etc.

Large hard disk capacity.
CNC can store more than 1000 files. By using graphic database, programming is easier and more efficient.


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A New Approach to High Speed and Precision Cutting.

High speed, accurate plasma cutting is reality using linear guide ways and slides to the X-direction main drive carriage.

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The body has a gantry structure and dual side drive
systems. Work proceeds smoothly at all times since

the body is well balanced and very responsive. A rack and pinion backlash free drive is used for both the cross (Xaxis) and longitudinal (Y-axis) directions, which achieves accurate and repeatable motion. Highly accurate, smooth operation is assured thanks to precision machined steel rails and a stable longitudinal drive mechanism. Up to five additional carriages can be attached to a steel band which is not susceptible to slag deposits.

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As regards the compliance with client-specific requirements
as well as highest productivity and versatility,
the Versagraph is the perfect cutting system for high
production capacities. The range of combinations, both
in respect of the machine gantry and the tools makes
Versagraph a safe investment for the future.

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